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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Wear Your feelings - Roni

Wearing Her Heart On Her Sleeve, Radiating Comfort And Playfulness With A Sweeping Charismatic Presence And An Exquisite Eye For Detail.

We Are Elated To Introduce To You Another One Of Our Own Who Took Part In Our Latest Wear Your Feelings Venture.

Roni Shalom

44 years old

Ripple’s Head of Customer Service

Mother of 3

Q- What does it mean for you to “wear your feelings?”

A- Ironically (or not) I feel that Wear Your Feelings has been created especially for me! The designs, the new line of comfort-wear, the earthy-colors… I just love it all! But most of all, I love the concept: I wear my heart on my sleeve, that is how I live my life, it is a big part of who I am and how I interact with the world. I dare describe myself as radically forthright, there is almost no subject I can think of that I am unwilling to talk about candidly, even with a stranger - with all the benefits and consequences that come along with that. I am an open book.

Still, for me, wearing my feelings is more than sharing how I feel, it is the willingness to synchronize my internal self with the external world.

Q- What do you mean?

A- Here is an example: I learned from my mother to always wear pajamas! No rags or old t-shirts to bed for me… comfortable, pleasant, enjoyable pajamas. I also earned from her to invest in comfortable, uplifting undergarments just as I invest in a shirt or a jacket. She taught me that the things that I keep between me, myself and I are just as important as the things I display outwards! How I dress and feel in my clothes in private is just as important as how I feel and present myself in public.  I strive to harmonize the two, for me that is the true meaning of wearing my feelings.  


Q- How did you feel throughout the photoshoot day?

A- I love being in front of the camera! I thrive when the lens is directed at me, the lights, the styling, the action- it makes me feel at home. The day of the photoshoot some insecurities came up - I was the oldest of the women photographed, I was at a heavier weight than I have ever been photographed in before, it was my first set with silver hair… So yes, some issues arose, but, as soon as the camera turned to me, they disappeared as if never were. This taught me something very important about myself- that while I may focus on things I dislike about my body more than in the past, I guess that overall I am actually quite o.k with my physical self!

Q- What helped you recognize this?  

A- For me, the ability to have such a crystal clear “A-HA” realization moment could only happen when I am comfortable! Since I was a kid, being comfortable has been a must! I am not free to undergo any kind of learning process if I am uncomfortable. On the Wear Your Feelings set I was comfortable with the people and I was comfortable with what I was wearing, which made me feel empowered and centered within myself. I was undistracted in my movement and was free to express myself and be in touch with my own reactions.

Q- How did you feel when you saw the pictures?

A- Honestly, initially I didn’t feel so great with the pictures. But as I sat with them, I began to re-connect to the woman looking back at me. They sparked old emotions, for example, they reminded me how much I used to love my bountiful, lavishing hair. After years of wearing it up, I want to let it loose again! Also, I was so comfortable and felt so free on the set, that I think it shows, and that reminds me how vital it is to my wellbeing to do things that I love and empower me.

Q- You are closely familiar with Ripple’s clothing, how was it for you to wear the items all day long? Did you discover something new about the clothes?

A- I have a round-about answer for you here… I am a woman who puts great emphasis on experiences, I think they are (after family) what gives our life meaning and essence, so it is important for me to create experiences that ripple in my memory years on end. This is only possible when I'm comfortable enough to be present in the experience! Rewind to my childhood, I think that this is one of the reasons I have always been drawn to comfortable clothing (true, I love style and fashion, but will never compromise my comfort for them!). So Ripple’s attire is not only right up my alley, but speaks my language precisely. The essence comes through the garment, the attention to detail, the emphasis on comfort - all allow me to do, be and move exactly how I wish in any given moment without a second thought. The clothes become part of my experience. And the photoshoot day simply emphasized to me how important it is to feel comfortable in our own skin, and in the clothes we wear.  

Q- What are 3 tips you would give to someone who wants to put herself out there, but is afraid?

A- We all have those areas in our lives where we want to be over the hurdle, but don’t know how. So here is what I tell my girls (and try to remind myself every so often as well):

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously - it is very important to remember to laugh at ourselves!
  • Don’t spend too much time and energy concerned about how you look from the outside or whether you fit in - start building up your confidence by pampering yourself in the privacy of your own home, for your eyes only. You will quickly see that how you see yourself is what truly matters most.
  • Do good in the world, mirror to others how good and beautiful they are, inside and out. It is our place as women to empower one another, be there for one another, lift eachother up and support one another.    

Ripple - Come wear your feelings with us