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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Jean's Moment

Meet Jeanne Fortey Asimeng,

24 years old, model, living in Tel-Aviv
"I was born to a family that had a long and taxing journey to Israel, and something of that baggage has stayed with me, and is present in everything I do."

Jean's Moment

"I feel I can fly with my music. I close my eyes, I listen to the notes, I let my energy rise up, I dance.
Music gives me hope, it feels me with joy. Listening to music is my time to connect to myself."

"I have been carrying feelings of being foreign, of not belonging, from a young age. I am learning how to turn those into a super power, a force that helps me evolve, grow, make my mark on the world, take up space for myself."

Jean's Choice

"The choice to go for modeling was not an easy one, but it was part of my determination not to give up, to show and prove that everything is possible, that there is a variety in body types, hair, sizes, and life attitudes.
On every set, every photoshoot, every campaign, I realize again how important is this decision I took, it matters, and not only to me. "

Jeanne Fortey Asimeng