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Loren 's Moment

Meet Loren Noyman,

Singer and songwriter.
Her musical creation is characterized by country, folk & alternative music flavors.
She published her album “Pieces” in 2018.
Two songs released from the album entered ‘Editors Choice’ at Kan88 radio and other Israeli national radio stations.

Loren's Moment

"I live and breathe music.
Music is almost exclusively my way to communicate with the world. I get inspiration from many things in my surroundings, and music helps me express the deepest feelings in the most honest and authentic way. My art comes from a deep place of connection, of search for the essence."

"I wrote about 30 songs during the covid-19 lockdowns. We don’t always manage to see our inspiration and that’s really ok - but most of the time it’s there, waiting for us. It can be there even in the weirdest year, in dreams, in the sky, in the trees, in books, in songs.. There’s magic everywhere and in anyone and in my eyes that’s where liberation lies.
The heart that is searching, the heart that is wondering and misguided that always chooses to see, to feel and grow."

Loren's Choice

"I focus on the breath to connect to myself, to elevate my adrenaline and excitement.
I create movement in the body, dance, and get on the stage with the right spirit, vitality, and intention.

I know that the energy I bring to the stage will determine the nature of the show. I tap into and connect to my emotions, and so the audience connects to me."

Loren Noyman