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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Yuval's Moment

Meet Yuval Keren,

Former professional tennis player who has a career-high singles ranking.
She was an Israeli junior champion, and competed at 3 Europe championships. She was competing and practicing around the world and around the clock. After retiring from a professional career she’s now a tennis coach.

Yuval’s Moment

Is a moment of concentration, connection, visualization and manifestation.

"I set the racket, close my eyes for a moment, picture exactly where the ball will land and how I’ll win these points.
I take a deep breath.
Inhale, exhale.
I’m connected to myself.
I serve with complete self confidence."

The attire was in white only, and reflected the idea that tennis is a game intended for high class only (i.e. reflecting the class that allows keeping clothing clean and impressive). At that time also began the trend of making the sport from being accessible to people whose main status allows them to play and not their physical condition and investment,
to the industry of real athletes. The transition from a "wealthy" sport to a completely professional game.

Towards the end of the 1920s, the attire began to become less formal and looser, the women moved from wearing skirts that reach to the floor with large and massive collars, to looser skirts, slightly shorter ones that revealed knees and even both women and men started playing with bare elbows. All this so that it is possible to move more comfortably and thus the game has become more professional and dynamic.

Yuval's Choice

Today - the introduction of new and advanced materials in textiles have created an option for a wide range of clothing types and cuts that have been adopted by many players.

The players abandoned the well-known and classic tennis look and started wearing t-shirts, sleeveless shirts and a variety of sportswear.
To this day many players wear different types of cuts, colors and combinations of materials, although in many games the tradition of wearing white clothes is still preserved.

Many players are identified with certain looks and create rising collaborations and custom looks along with great and well-known sports brands.