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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Shelly's Moment

Meet Shelly Gross,

49 years old, fashion blogger, journalist and author that we love and appreciate very much. Shelly promotes conscious fashion that is friendly for the environment and consumer, and shares many of the values that Ripple holds dear - minimalism, slow fashion (and life), and passion for pleasant, aesthetic and practical things.

Shelly’s Moment

Shelly's moment is a moment of silence and deep connection to nature.

"I constantly remind myself to keep my eyes on the ball. This baseball term reminds me to ignore distractions and remember what is most important to me, in life, with my family, when I write, when I choose what to focus on when taking a picture.
Some days I don’t need a reminder.
Other days I need to go out to nature to focus.
Most of the time, a few deep breaths are enough to get me where I need to be."

Shelly & Ripple

"The first time I realized that yoga had become a part of my life occurred in another evening where I was trying to put a toddler to sleep. Sitting there, tense and thinking when he will fall asleep and I can start my evening.
Then it hit me: I know what to do. Just as I know how to breathe to silence my background thoughts, I can breathe to silence the background thoughts of both of us. I took a breath. We both relaxed. And he fell asleep."

Shelly's Choice

"Those who practice yoga know that every breath is an opportunity for a new beginning.
I think that every step on the mat is also an opportunity to experience a whole incarnation, a whole life;
sometimes you get on the mat and it's feels good to be a warrior, sometimes you get on the mat and find that today you are a Cobra, sometimes, a Mountain.
At the end of this round, just like at the end of the big round, you will be able to rest in corps position."

Shelly Gross