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Finding Strength Through Movement

2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection



How easy it is to rush through them, leaving a scent of perspiration or perfume lingering behind us, hurrying on to the next thing.
How many moments touch us in between our day to day work, meetings, laptop, phone?

We speak of moments of truth, defining moments in our lives, formative moments of change and creation.
How can we notice those moments as they happen, how can we be in them when life is constantly carrying us forward?

We recently paused to think of a question that was raised to us,
“is Ripple Yoga Wear meant only for yoga practitioners?”
Instead of rushing to answer, we started to explore and dive into this question, and posed it back to our customers, employees and collaborators.
We knew for sure that Ripple aspires to support and facilitate you and your body, in any moment, in any action or activity.

This got us to raise the question -
what is “yoga” for us?
We took the time to pause with the question, and the answers started pouring in,
and we could see it clearly;

Yoga is connection, it’s binding your awareness to the moment.

It’s present in so many actions and is characterized by attention, awareness, connection to ourselves.
Like a moment, it is fleeting and lost if you don’t pause to experience it, to be present.
This can exist in every action, in any passion, in a different setting to each and every one of us.

This is what yoga and yoga wear mean to us - clothing that goes along with your body, supports breath, movement, conforms with you and supports you - whoever you are, whatever you might be doing.

Out of these insights we created “Moments”

a praise to those seconds, that unique moment which makes us stop, observe, feel connected, be present...

We chose 8 versatile women to take on this journey.
It has been full of moments of wisdom, laughter and joy.
full of moments of depth, observations and gratitude.

Out of these, we have stitched together this intricate creation, that binds and portraits what is yoga, what is Ripple.